Jeff LeClair

"Whether you're seeing him live or pressing play on one of his tracks, Jeff LeClair has re-defined the purpose of producing, giving you more than just a sound.......but a musical experience."     

     DJ/Producer and co-founder of .:therapymusic Jeff LeClair provides his audience with his signature sound giving them an experience that always keeps them coming back for more. Through his hard work, love for music and his audience, Jeff makes it a priority to always take his listeners on a journey through sound. After being introduced to dance music in the late 90s, Jeff started supporting the Providence and Boston music scene in the early 2000s, sparking his interest in wanting to know more about what goes into mixing and producing. In 2002 he started running events for Volume Productions, a Providence based label founded by DJ Venom in the mid-90s while still dabbling in DJing and some producing. When DJ Venom started up Morlock Music in 2010 Jeff took over Volume Productions, the two continue to work together to this day. In 2004 after attending parties at and supporting the venue for a couple years, Jeff threw his first of many events at After-Hours Club .:therapy in Providence, Rhode Island. This club and the parties thrown there made a larger than life impact on the local scene. Sadly, the old location of Club .:therapy closed down for two years but thankfully reopened, just doors down from the old location, with Jeff LeClair as the manager. This has resulted in so many amazing parties and interactions along with the launch of .:therapymusic. In 2007 Jeff jumped into DJing full force and by 2008 he had a remix of the track "Feel the NRG", released on Peakhour that is still available today. More recently, along with running Club .:therapy Jeff has become extremely active over the past year in producing tracks and developing his own sound. Becoming more efficient and effective in his production, Jeff describes his sound as "techy, but still has a lot of progression, build, and synth elements." These techniques provide his audience with a sound that keep and build an energy on the dance floor. Jeff spends hours in the studio every week making and critiquing his music consistently and always is moving forward in his production. It's safe to say, Jeff LeClair has worked in pretty much every aspect of nightlife and music. From attending nightclubs, promoting and throwing parties, DJing/Producing, successfully managing a nightclub, and now launching a label, Jeff makes music based off of his own influences and continues to impact his audience on and off the dance floor. The positive emotional reactions in response to the sound he is providing is the most rewarding for him and is always his goal when producing a track. All of these accomplishments are a result of consistency, hard work, passion, and love for every aspect of dance music which ultimately reflects on Jeff's sound. It's this sound that continues to make people never forget how their one night out went from a night out, to an indescribable, unforgettable experience all because Jeff LeClair .