"After over a decade of producing, Jason Saints launches his career that brings the roots of sound back to life through his producing along with a flourishing music label."

  Jason Saints, DJ, Producer, and co-founder of .:therapymusic has spent over a decade making music and discovering his own sound through experience and his own unique musical influences. Jason was influenced by a video game he enjoyed playing called "The Music Generator" to look more into producing. Jason then found a program called "Rave Ejay" on an online music producer forum and in the next few months he turned his bedroom into his own studio. He created his first track "Encounter" that he produced on Acid Pro 2.0 and published along with all of his other tracks on Acid Planet which was the "SoundCloud" of the Early 2000s. You can still find his tracks on Acid Planet and are available. 6 years ago while at a Paul Oakenfold show in New York City, Jason watched him play, saw his energy, and watched him working every turn table, jumping across the 12 foot booth non stop. This inspired Jason to move towards getting into the mixing end of the spectrum and playing live. In 2012, Jason made the decision to start DJing and after landing his first booking he was addicted to the energy of the crowd. Since then Jason's career as a DJ and Producer has flourished and he has a long list of credentials, playing at various nightclubs in the Providence and Boston area. In summer 2015 Jason and .:therapymusic co-founder Jeff LeClair played their first musical festival together in Portugal, opening a whole new window for them as artists and introducing a new sound to a new audience. In January of 2016 Jason Saints, Jared D, and Jeff LeClair launched their label .:therapymusic. The label is an extension of their home base, after-hours Club .:therapy located in Providence, Rhode Island. Jason's objective n his sound is to take you on a journey like classical/orchestra music does with multiple sounds, taking you on a journey, painting a picture on your eardrums. Since he was young, Jason always dreamed of recreating classical music by manipulating the sounds and changing the frequencies. In the future, Jason would like to recreate the classical sound to the younger generation through his production with live instruments sounds manipulated by him. "The chills I get when I play a track I created to a live audience is worth all the hard work and sacrifice. There's nothing better than that feeling right there." are the words Jason uses to describe just how rewarding providing an audience with his sound is to him. In the near future you can look forward to a lot of music, collaborations and potential tours coming from Jason and the .:therapymusic team. Although Jason has been working at this for 16 years and counting, this is just the beginning of something larger than life.




Jason Sain†s Live Mix Series Include 



  • Its a Revelation-1999© DigitalAlliance Productions
  • Evolution-2000© DigitalAlliance Productions
  • 99 XPeriance-2003© DigitalAlliance Productions
  • Freestyle Nation-2004© DigitalAlliance Productions
  • Trance Nation-2006© DigitalAlliance Productions
  • No Beat No Life-2008© DigitalAlliance Productions
  • House of Resurrection Vol. I-2014
  • House of Resurrection Vol. II-2015
  • Rock the House Vol. I- 2015
  • Vocalized Vol. I-2015
  • ReRResuRection VOL. I-2016
  • A Signature Sound VOL. I-2016
  • Roots VOL. I-2017
  • 5AM VOL. I-2017
  • A Signature Sound VOL. II-2017
  • 6AM VOL. II-2017






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